1. Privacy

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  2.  Child Safety Policy

This policy is applicable to all persons and organizations associated with Mennta E- learning, referred to as Mennta E- learning’s Stakeholders, including:

  1. 1. Employees of Mennta E- learning, who maybe full-time or part-time employees, permanent or temporary employee, regular permanent employee or employed on contract
  2. 2. Organizations and persons belonging to that organization, who may partner and/ or work with Mennta E- learning in any capacity, even for a limited time period or job
  3. 3. Volunteers who may work with Mennta E- learning, in whichever capacity, even for a limited period of time
  4. 4. Children enrolled as students of Mennta E- learning and their parents or guardians who associate with the child in the official records of Mennta E- learning
  5. 5. Children who may not be enrolled but are reached out through marketing or sales of the product and their parents or guardians who associate with the Child
  6. 6. Any other person or organisations who may be officially associated with Mennta E- learning and its ambit of work and activity

In instances and circumstances where Mennta E- learning may not have required control over the person alleged of any concern under this policy, including an instance of child abuse, Mennta E- learning shall provide the required cooperation, assistance and support to such parent or guardian of the affected child, in approaching any external, legal mechanism including the Police and/or the Courts, though Mennta E- learning is itself not personally liable in such instances.

Mennta E- learning expects all its stakeholders falling within the scope of this policy [Part A (II)] to adhere to the following child safety code of conduct :